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Creative Juncture is a company started by a designer with experience in several design professions. While earning both a Bachelors & Masters in Architecture at the University or Utah I designed custom cabinetry for over 4 years. Those years of experience designing Home Offices, Entertainment Centers, Laundry rooms, Closets, and more has given me a deep understanding of interiors, finishes, and efficient space utilization. Upon completing my graduate degree I began my career in Architecture working with one large firm and a few smaller firms with Residential design focuses in California & Utah. All of the companies I worked for have a strong commitment to Sustainable Design practices and has given me experience with "Green" Architecture. I have experience with Passive Solar, Structural Insulated Panels, Geothermal, Solar thermal, Insulated Concrete Forms, daylighting, recycled materials, and more.


When the economy tumbled it hit the Architects hard, I was laid off and scrapped together what work I could. During that time I had the opportunity to design several RTA (Ready To Assemble) furniture items for a internet retailer in Utah. This was an interesting study in designing appealing, affordable, and easily packaged/shipped furniture ranging from desks, entertainment centers, to bunk beds. Since then I have been working with 'The Argonaut US' designing Retail Environments for over 7 years now. I am the lead 2D Space Planner further developing the system I established to efficiently create design kits that clearly present installation information.


I have always been interested in 2D Design and Typography, further sparked by a few courses in college as well as an admiration for what I consider to be "the whole picture Architects". Meaning Architects that don't just design the building shell, but also design the interiors, furniture, and yes, even the graphics or art. Architects like Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright. That is the type of Designer I strive to be. Aside from my experience with furniture and interiors I'm now developing my understanding of typographic design. I have designed many single line fonts for use with CNC engraving and scrapbooking. I have also completed and offer many conventional typeface designs: Arlune, Blomfer, Blomfer Round, and Stencil Round Ends.


If you have a design request that will put my typographic, furniture, or architectural design skills to use, please contact me at Thank you.