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I grew up watching my mother build several furniture pieces using a number of power tools she collected over the years. When the opportunity arose where I could build a furniture piece for a class assignment I jumped at the chance & built this cradle since we were expecting our first child. It is built with alder using various lap joints, the more complicated of which are at the corners. It's a simple design intended to match the craftsman style that I have always admired.
This is an edgy lamp I designed based on my love for triangles. Yes, I understand triangles generally don't work well for most architectural designs, but when a design solution can allow the use of triangular forms, I will lean towards it. The use of a triangular building block is what eventually led to the structuring of my Blomfer typeface.
During Graduate school I took a summer course in Furniture Design. This was the fruit of that effort, a simple triangular chair made from a bent piece of aluminum. It may not look comfortable, but I extensively studied human scale to give the chair proportions that are comfortable. During the design critique the main comment was "this chair is surprisingly comfortable".
These are a few of the items I designed for a furniture retailer that sells their furniture online. Thus all of these items needed to be affordable, easy to package, and easily assembled by the purchaser